Darrell Dogsoldier in Colorado
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Experience the music of the Lakota with the singing and drumming of Darrell Dog Soldier. 

"As the drum beats, it establishes the heartbeats for the dancers,our tribe, and all of mankind. We feel this link in our hearts.. we reach in to our innermost center; blessings penetrate all those present at the same time that our prayers rise up" ~Yellowtail~ (Lakota)

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AIM Song
Nathan Charging Bull Flag Song
We Are Coming
Veteran's Song
Penny Song
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Grass Dance
Eagle Bear Eyes
Vietnam Veterans
Walking Feathers (Mourning Song)
Crazy Horse Flag Song
Song for Leonard Peltier
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Hunting Horse
Whirling Wind
Charging Elk
Buffalo Robe People's Song
Wounded Knee Memorial
AIM Song

In Honor of the Warrior Veterans, especially to my Brother Leonard Peltier, and the AIM Warriors. Westello! Aho! 
Let the Red Road Never End!

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In Memory of Darrell

Darrell DogSoldier passed on February 5, 2004 in Denver, Colorado

There never was a warmer hearted person than Darrell. Many will mourn and not soon forget his joyous presence.

When I see the moon and stars and the clear flowing breath of space~
And when I hear the call of the hawk and the laugh of the flowers~
I feel your presence~
Aho Brave Warrior!
You are missing but not forgotten~

We will miss you, brave warrior of the Red Road! May your journey bring you now to a life without pain.
Darrell DogSoldier hiking in the San Juan Mountains, 2003
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In Loving Memory of the Joy that Darrell DogSoldier gave to all who knew him
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Darrell DogSoldier, 
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Darrell is on the far right.