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Lakota Path
Traditional Music of the Lakota

The singing and drumming of Darrell DogSoldier is not commercial music. It is the music of a traditional Lakota man, with a voice full of the spirituality, strength, beauty, and intonations of his proud and brave ancestors. 
Seekers who want the real thing over slick studio promos will delight in this rare work of art from a man who was full of life and humor, and passed on all too soon from this life.
All money from the sale of tapes goes to the Lakota people.
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Darrell DogSoldier was a Pipe Carrier and a Medicine Man
Now he is Spirit, Wakan~

"The pipe is sacred. It is something you carry in your heart. It is a way of life, not just a pipe you hold."
                                ~words of  Darrell DogSoldier~

Darrell in regalia, prize winning grass dancer
Darrell DogSoldier, prize winning
grass dancer in regalia.
Thank you for your interest in authentic
Lakota music and Darrell DogSoldier.

Profits from the sale of audio cds
go to the Lakota people (Darrell's mother and Running Strong for American Indian Youth, a non profit charitable group.}
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Mitakawe Oyasin!
Cassette Tape(s)
Darrell never charged money for his sweat lodge
ceremonies. He said his religion was not for sale.
He was against the misinterpretation of his beliefs
by non native peoples. Here is a guideline to help spot fake medicine men.