Darrell DogSoldier was a Pipe Carrier and a Medicine Man
Now he is Spirit, Wakan~

"The pipe is sacred. It is something you carry in your heart. It is a way of life, not just a pipe you hold."
                                ~words of  Darrell DogSoldier~

The singing and drumming of Darrell DogSoldier is not commercial music. It is the music of a traditional Lakota man, with a voice full of the spirituality, strength, beauty, and intonations of his proud and brave ancestors.

Now, his music is online on this site and you can listen to it for free. It is not for sale. Neither is Darrell DogSoldier's religion. He did not charge for his ceremonies and teaching.

Darrell in regalia, prize winning grass dancer
Darrell DogSoldier, prize winning
grass dancer in regalia.

Mitakawe Oyasin!

Darrell wanted his music available to his people for free. To honor this wish, his music is now online
and you can listen to it
with the links on this site. Scroll down, or go there now.
He was against the misinterpretation of his beliefs
by non native peoples. Here is a guideline to help spot fake medicine men.
The music of Darrell DogSoldier is in the public domain to honor his wishes. It may not be 
altered or sold, but can be shared